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Catweazle / Dikke Løl (Gro) / Means To An End (Gro) @ W.N.C., Groningen 11 November 1988   Leave a comment

Catweazle @ Simplon, Groningen 27 December 1996   Leave a comment

1996-12-27 Catweazle - Simplon flyer-1

Anhrefn (UK) @ W.N.C., Groningen 31 May 1989   Leave a comment

(or Yr Anhrefn, Welsh for The Mess). Bangor based Welsh language punk band 1983-1993. Sion Sebon (gtr,voc), Rhys Mwyn(bass), Hefin Huws (drms) (ex Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Maffia Mr Huws, later Branchala),Dewi Gwyn (gtr), formed the earliest stable line up with approx 15 others passing through the ranks, incl; Dic Ben (Elfyn Presli), Mark Whiteley, Anthony, Dylan Huws, Rhodri Tomos. Recognised as 1st Welsh band to break into an English speaking market, becoming accepted by speakers of both languages.  The band were championed by John Peel and recorded three sessions for his BBC Radio 1 show; Peel even travelled to Wales to see the band perform. Prolific gigging (up to 300 concerts per year) both home & abroad brought huge underground success for a band who flatly refused to sing in English. 2007 saw the Rhys and Sion pick up their guitars in anger again and play gigs under the Anhrefn name, albeit more acoustic than punk rock.

anhrefn2 (1)
Interview excerpted from Northern Ireland‘s MERE PSEUD MAG #3 circa 1989 Transcribed 1/98 by Dan Sabater

MSM: So is the Welsh language your first language?

Sion: Well before we went to school, at home we spoke Welsh. You pick up a bit of English anyway, we don’t actually remember but we probably did learn English as a second language. You don’t remember it because it just happens naturally in Wales, a lot of people speak Welsh and English.

MSM: A lot of people make a big deal about the fact that you sing in Welsh, but it’s because it’s your first language then?

Sion: To us it is just totally natural, we don’t think twice about it, but yet in another way we do think twice about it because we actually do it in Welsh. It’s the same as bands in Germany singing in German, French bands in French. It’d be a pretty boring world if everybody sang with American accents of whatever.

MSM: I read in a fanzine once that the National Front have given support to the campaign being waged by the Sons of Glendower on the grounds that it’s a nationalistic sort of thing. What is your opinion about all that?

Sion: There’s a lot of weird stuff going on with all that at the moment. I think over the last year the National Front have been trying to get organized again in the UK, and at the moment what I think they have been doing is that they have been trying to latch on to any group that they think they might get sympathy from. And so they’re doing it with all sorts of movements, trying to get in on it. Nobody seems to be taking any notice of that, thank God! Same thing with the Sons of Glendower, a lot of what they say is total and utter shit. Total racist rubbish they say, like throw the English out of Wales, don’t let English people into Wales, and that’s a load of shit, because anybody should be allowed to go and live anywhere. But I mean, where we live there’s an Indian family moved in and they’ve been here for about five years, and now they walk in the traditional Indian gear, they do their Indian customs, they speak English and they speak Welsh, and they take part in Welsh affairs as well, so they’ve got three different cultures that they can use, and that’s brilliant, that’s how it should be. But you’ve people like the Sons of Glendower, and they tell them to clear off, they don’t want them there in the first place. Which is fascism. That’s some of their ideals, but the actual burning of a home, well, that happens in the north of England as well, it happens in Scotland, it happens in Cornwall, because local people can’t afford the houses. You get some rich bastard buying all the houses and local people haven’t got anywhere to live. So you can understand why they do burn the houses, but a lot of their other politics are total shit.

MSM: Would you say then that you were broadly sympathetic or unsympathetic to them?

Sion: I can understand why they would burn down a holiday home, but that’s about the only thing of their policies that I can understand. But their other policies, like I said before, like not letting English people in are just shit.

MSM: So it is nationalistic in the real sense?

Sion: yeah, they’re trying to build up nationalism in a shit way.

MSM: Well, what do you think of Belfast and Northern Ireland?

Sion: We’ve only been here for about three days, I dunno it’s the kind of thing you could spend hours talking about. It’s almost impossible to say in a couple of minutes what you think about it. On the one hand, the first place we landed in was in Falls Road, and it’s the kind of place you hear a lot about, and when we landed there we thought “Bloody hell, this is the FALLS ROAD!” Five minutes afterwards we thought, “Uh, this is the Falls Road. We could be in Bradford or we could be in Manchester“. BUT, there was a different atmosphere in the whole place, and then the next minute you see the soldiers. So I think it’s going to take us a bit of time to think what we’ll have done in the next few days, to sort it all out. Obviously we all have our own opinions, but I don’t really think it’s up to some people from north Wales to say “Oh, I think this is what should be happening in Northern Ireland”, because we don’t know enough about it. We know what we think about it, but we would never bring out a leaflet saying what should happen in Northern Ireland. Not that it’s none of our business, I think it is because it’s to do with Westminster, and they are screwing us up in Wales as well., so in one way it’s our business and we should worry about it, we should care about it, but we shouldn’t be any sort of spokesman on behalf of it, because we don’t live here. In the same way that if some MP from Manchester said “Look, this is what should be happening with the Welsh language”, we’d think “Piss off”! What do you know about it? You’ve never lived here! How can you talk about it”?

MSM: Well what about CLASS WAR then, you went on the ROCK AGAINST THE RICH Tour with JOE STRUMMER. Anything to say abut that, any regrets or whatever?

Sion: No regrets, no. We were quite surprised with JOE STRUMMER., he could have been a bloody pop star if he’d wanted to, but he wasn’t, he was totally OK, totally down to Earth, no shit at all. The tour was good, there was good audiences, but I don’t know how many of the actual audience knew what the whole thing was about. There was one guy who introduced the bands, who would sometimes try to explain what it was all about, but the crowd would just be going “Strummer, Strummer, Strummer”. So I think a lot of the crowd were just there to see Joe Strummer because he used to be in the CLASH, and didn’t really know what was going on, even though they gave out leaflets, most of the leaflets would be on the floor by the end of the night, because people were there to watch Strummer. It was a good idea.

MSM: A lot of people, probably myself included, thought it was pretty ludicrous picking somebody like JOE STRUMMER for this tour (Blasphemy!-Dan/LARiot), someone who has made himself a lot of money out of the Rock ‘n’ Roll business, and for CLASS WAR to turn round and to start defending him, with crap like “If you’re going to be successful in the Rock industry, you have to make a lot of money”.

Sion: I think the problem that they had was that they wanted to try and raise money and get a lot of publicity. To do that they had to have somebody quite famous, and anyone who is quite famous is bound to have a little bit of dosh. But then again JOE STRUMMER probably has only got enough dosh to, I dunno if he has got his own house. He’s probably only as well off as a fairly low-paid teacher. I don’t think he’s really loaded, maybe he’s got his own house.

Anhrefn 01

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Catweazle (Gro) / Dreadful (Sco) @ W.N.C., Groningen 13 February 1989   Leave a comment

Scraps were supposed to play this one but canceled last minute and got replaced by Catweazle. Dreadful were from Glasgow, Scotland and released a 11 song demo in 1988. In 1991 they appeared on the compilation They ain’t seen nothing yet 7” EP together with bands such as Mushroom Attack and Hiatus.

1988 Dreadful Demo sleeve-1

1991 Dreadful EP insert-1


1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-4

Catweazle – Maynard


1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-3

Catweazle – Gerard/Buiten Adem right in the crowd

1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-2

Catweazle – Michael & Maynard

1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-1



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(1984 – 1988)

Meaning bandname:
MBP was originally an abbreviation for Maximum Break Party. Intended to mean Maximum Demolition,- or Break Up Part. Later they abolished the abbreviation to avoid confusion with hiphop and funpunk and called themselves MBP.


MBP was formed in 1984 by Jules, Vincent, Michael and Onno. Vincent used to play guitar in the Zwolle-based band “Blik?”, and his brother Michel used to play guitar there in the band “RIP”. With their rhythm box, called Thomas, two shows were done, before Henry joined on drums. This caused them to be kicked out of two rehearsal places because of too much noise. After the first gig, DJ Thermo arranged them to play Vera as support to the legendary Anti-Sect. Their style changed gradually from Flipper like slowcore to Dead Kennedies/Hüsker Dü like fastcore. Many shows followed, most with their bloodbrothers Ampachen (in which Onno played drums). It all ended with a ‘goodbye’ tour to Spain/Bask Country, and one final concert back in Groningen at the Rhythm Pigs benefit (to help the poor suckers buy tickets home after many serious tour problems). MBP released one tape (split cassette with Ampachen) in March 1986. The songs were recorded in the rehearsal room and live in De Oosterpoort, Groningen, approx. 30 minutes in total. Bandmember Onno released three tapes under the name “Who Cares” (which was regularly reviewed as being a ‘great band’, whereas he played everything himself – MRR said ‘this is a great reminder of what punk is all about). Later, he made a jazz-fushion solo LP under his own name, Onno Ottevanger.

Lyrics: Kind of cynical almost nihilist.

Description: Fast hardcorepunk combined with slow, threatening, dragging songs. In De Nieuwe Koekrand zine they got compared to Hüsker Dü.

Henry (drums) – De Verkouden Olifant, Chronicore, Kotton Krown, Rat Patrol, Larry Speaks, Over The Moon
Onno (guitar & vocals) – Ampachen, Who Cares, Tumblehome
Vincent (bass) – Blik?
Jules (vocals)
Michel (guitar) – RIP

1987-11 MBP - Burgos

1986 – MBP & Ampachen TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
(recorded 26.02.1986 / live = recorded live at Oosterpoort, Groningen 08.02.1986)
2001 – MBP 1984-1988 2xCDr (Highly Obscure Records, NL)
(demos, rehearsals and liverecordings / 85 songs)

Compilations & Miscellaneous Recordings
1987 – Experience The Freedom Of Total Control TAPE (Bad Compilation Tapes, USA) (4 songs)

1984-09-27 Selwerd III Bar, Groningen
1984 Selwerd III – 9 Z, Groningen
1985-03-06 Selwerd II Bar, Groningen (Garbitch)
1985-04-28 Vera, Groningen (Antisect)
1985-05-09 Academie Gebouw, Groningen (Student’s Protest, occupation of Academy Building)
1985-05-10 Simplon, Groningen, Punk Veteranen Festival (Afflict, Daltons, Annie Temeiers, Dolly Dorst)
1985-10-16 Vera, Groningen (Jesus & Mary Chain)
1986-02-08 De Oosterpoort, Groningen (Bluehearts and many more)
1986-04-10 Vera, Groningen (Ampachen)
1986-04-26 ‘t Möpke, Delden (Ampachen)
1986-05-03 Iduna, Drachten (Ampachen)
1986-05-30 De Nije, Hoogezand (Ampachen)
1986-08-09 Emma, Wijk Aan Zee (Ampachen and more)
1986-08-16 Kraakjorum, Assen (Ampachen, Buiten Adem)
1986-09-27 WNC, Groningen (Ampachen, Debiele Eenheid)
1986-10-03 Emma, Amsterdam (Ampachen, Government Issue)
1986-11-21 It Koartling, Buitenpost (Ampachen)
1986-11-29 De Buze, Steenwijk (Ampachen, Lärm, Dorpsoudste De Jong, WCF, Second Siberia, Conflict)
1986-12-12 Simplon, Groningen (Bluehearts, Boegies)
1986-12-26 Parkhof, Alkmaar, Kerstival (Ampachen, Iron Fist, Pure Hate, and more)
1987-05-03 WNC, Groningen (Fang)
1987-06-18 ‘t Klooster, Groningen (MassaCuBadSet, Buiten Adem)
1987-06-19 Ostbunker, Osnabrück GER (MassaCuBadSet, Razzia)
1987-06-20 AJZ, Neumünster GER (Cólera, MassaCuBadSet)
1987-06-21 Let’s Rock, Hamburg GER (MassaCuBadSet)
1987-06-26 Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen DEN (MassaCuBadSet, Razende Roeland, So Much Hate, and many more)
1987-06-28 Vera, Groningen (Suicidal Tendencies)
1987-11-26 Metropol, Burgos SPA
1987-11-27 Gaztetxe, Bilbao EUS (Puta Kaska)
1987-11-28 Egiako Gaztetxean, Donostia EUS (RIP)
1987-11-29 Gaztetxe, Elgoibar EUS
1987-12-02 Gaztetxean, Andoain EUS
1987-12-03 Metropol, Burgos SPA (Aaszo, Ultimo Gobierno)
1987-12-04 Gaztetxe, Lekeitio EUS (Potrotaño, Aaszo)
1988-01-15 Simplon, Groningen (Rhythm Pigs, and more)

Great story by Henk:
MBP – The story, details blurred by 15 years
MBP started on the 9th floor of a students’ flat in Groningen, in 1984. Listening to the Dead Boys, Black Flag, Hüsker Du, Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers, Damned and more, Michel (ex-RIP), his brother Vincent (ex-Blik), Jules and Onno were supposed to play a party in the flat’s bar. Based on MDC and BGK’s success, they opted for the name of MBP. Second, we had to decide what that acronym stood for. Mee Brul Punk (shout-along punk), Millions of Boeren Punkers (millions of farmer punks) were nice, but Maximum Break Party it would be. After it being spelled Maximum Braek Party once (more or less Dutch for Maximum Puke Party, thanks Hoogezand!) we decided to stick to just the abbreviation MBP.
The first two gigs were done with help of a drumcomputer called Thomas. Early 1985 this machine was replaced by me on drums. As a five piece, the first gig was played in the bar of the adjacent student’s flat, Selwerd II, Vincent’s home base. The entire concert is included on the CD, except for the first song because Marcel forgot to put on the taperecorder. You can hear Onno using a tape-deck with the record volume on 10 as a distortion. You can also hear him getting electrocuted at the start of the encore. Because Jules went for a leak inbetween he didn’t know what song we were doing as an encore, hence the special Alcohol with Punk Doll lyrics… (the songs had only been arranged recently from different parts of the songs-with-drumcomputer – you can also hear Vincent struggling with the right note to start Missiles). The show was great, and crowded. During “Pain”, which was better known as “I wish I could die”, it became a total mess… if you listen carefully you can even hear Jules singing from inside the bass drum at one moment. Onno and Michel wrote most of the music, and Onno took care of most lyrics. Nevertheless, we still thank Peter & the Test Tube Babies for the guitar-riff on Pain.
One of the people at the Selwerd gig was DJ Thermo, who got us a gig at the local Vera Club next. Here we got to support the legendary Antisect. We also found out it takes five people to take a drumkit by public transport. The gig was great again. So, things became a little more serious.
MBP rehearsed in the student’s flat, at the 10th floor barroom, but after I joined there were too many complaints (from as far as the neighborhood Aldi-supermarket three streets away). So we were kicked out very soon. Problem was that we had a gig coming up at the local Simplon Club. We managed to rehearse the night before, disguised as a concert during the student’s occupation of the University Buiding. Not everyone there was pleased with the noise (they preferred to dance). But the Simplon gig went fine again… We kept searching for rehearsal space after summer. We found a small demostudio
(Roy’s “Demo 85”), but we were kicked out already after one hour by the local EPA. Something with no license for this noise… That’s why there were
headphones and reggae colours all around I think… We’d managed to record 6 songs directly to 2 track though, which are all included on the CD. The first three of them were even played in one take without pauses inbetween, just as they are on the CD. The hippie intro to “the worst policy” was first conceived in the next weeks…
We were asked by Peter, Vera’s programmer, to do a support for the Jesus and Mary Chain and we could rehearse once in Vera’s main hall. About the JM Chain concert: I didn’t know one could take so much time for a drum soundcheck with only one snare, one tom and one cymbal. It took longer than their entire gig. I also learned that at the end of the gig I should not kick my drumkit of stage with my bare feet (which was my style of playing back then).
Later that month we finally found a steady rehearsal place in the Viadukt, a big complex inside a bridge that used to be a gymn. Back then, it had three rehearsal rooms and 18 lockers. By 2000, it would have been tripled in size – still at the same price of approx. 8$ per band per night. We started working on more songs, and recorded our demo tape (in our rehearsal room, directly to a tapedeck). The tape was split with our blood brothers Ampachen, in which Onno played drums and his brother Marcel was singing. We added a few tracks from our gig at the local Cultural Center “De Oosterpoort”. This was a funny festival called “Zing Zing” (“sing sing”). It also featured the Winschoter Lady Choir – if you think punk’s shocking you should try listening to one of those… it’s society’s revenge on us. The audience was sitting in theater chairs. Jules climbed the rows, got himself a bleeding nose, but kept singing. He also got the usual conflict with the soundman for using his mike to amplify Michel’s solos.
Anyway, the tape was released and got us a lot of attention. It was played on national VPRO radio by Hans Dulfer (father of Candy, and also a famous jazz/blues saxophone player). We did an interview with de Nieuwe Koekrand, the best Dutch punkzine ever. The tape made it easy to get gigs as well; Vera again, now headlining with Ampachen, and regional venues as Iduna and De Nije (I remember a terrible migraine, but still we played inbetween me sleeping on a sofa backstage – 2 songs are on the CD). We played Emma in Wijk aan Zee, which was a squatted beach hotel in the dunes, in summer this was great. Kraakjorum in Assen was a concert we couldn’t finish; somehow some police had managed to enter the squat and close the show. It was fun, however, despite Marcel Ampachen busting his head and needing medical help… two songs are included on the CD. We played a festival in Steenwijk with Larm, Winterswijx Chaos Front and Conflict. In Groningen we played with local punk heroes De Boegies at Simplon. In Amsterdam, we supported Government Issue. They tuned my drumkit. We brought along a van with Groningen people. Some got thrown out of Emma. One kicked out the door of the van. I ran over a rabbit (and it was national Animal Day). No sweet memories on that gig… we played like shit as well – at least as I thought, because later Vincent told me we did play good (different sound behind the drums then I guess ;-).
The last gig of 1986 was on Boxing Day, at the Parkhof in Alkmaar. This was a great X-Mas festival. Ampachen were first, with their goodbye show. Marcel was deaddrunk and kept falling over. We were last (because Berlin’s Vellocet had got car trouble). There was a great atmosphere. The audience decided to come on stage during “up in smoke”, you can hear us trying to keep from falling. My bassdrum was turned in a 90 degree angle because Jules dropped over – just before he himself was going under – about 15 people were on top of him on stage. Later, Michel started to play a Dead Boys song which we had never played before. We had a break and made new songs early 1987. We supported Fang at the WNC, probably we never played any faster than that show (some songs are on the CD).
Then we went to play in Germany and Denmark with Massacubadset (a reunion of Jetset, Massagraf, Vacuum and Bloedbad members). In Osnabruck, we didn’t have a place to sleep yet so we asked the audience and Alfred volunteered to house us. Provided we went to a party out of town first (with our van). It was over when mommy and daddy arrived (blaue Mutti ist noch immer bose…). It was tough getting back with a friend of Alfred, a two person-wide German, sitting next to me, since he kept falling over the gear and the steering wheel… but we managed. And after listening to the entire new Metallica double album we were finally allowed some sleep. Next day, in Neumunster, we met with Colera from Brasil, who were on their way from Kiel down south and just dropped by. They were so kind to open for us… We had some fun with Big Man, their Belgian driver. The food fight afterwards landed Jules in hospital to get some stitches. One of the beer cans thrown hadn’t been empty yet. Luckily, he managed to get the stitches for free… Part of the Neumunster gig is included on the CD. Onno did his best as MC…. In Hamburg, we stayed with Goliath for a week. Sankt Pauli rules.
Copenhagen was “OK”, though tiring. You cannot party and sleep in the same building. We saw the inside of another hospital, since Robbie Badset had a small skating accident. He played with his hand in plaster. Tough guy! We couldn’t stay long in Denmark, and despite my efforts to crash the van we reached Groningen in time to do our support for Suicidal Tendencies at the Vera Club. Mike Muir wasn’t satisfied with the Vera-downstage bar closing, though hours after the concert, and kept demanding ‘mas cerveza por mes amigos’. It was great. After summer 1987, we made two new songs, but we felt the end of MBP was coming near. Too many different personalities et cetera, the usual thing.
However, Michel managed to arrange a tour for us in Spain and the Bask Country first (with Edu of Basati Records in Donostia/San Sebastian). So, there we went for two weeks, with Jan “Aaszo” Switters (ex-Murder Inc) as a driver. Already within 25 kilometers we knew the van was overloaded. We got a trailer somewhere, and managed to get its lights working in only two hours, but later that night in Belgium we again felt the axis at every bump in the road. Jan sawed some wood blocks and put them on top of the axis. Surprisingly it worked. We reached Burgos in 24 hours. Whilst on stage for our first set somebody stole the coversheet of our trailer and the remaining things inside it. Luckily we found back Jules’ clothes a few blocks away. The cover sheet was worth about 500$. And we needed one because of the bad weather. Luis overcame his dislike for the police and came with us to get the papers we needed for our insurance. In fact he came with us for the rest of the tour. We still had a second set to do and it was probably the best we ever did. All the anger came out. After the gig, we went to a 8 sq. meter bar and drank beer in liter-mugs for free. Next morning, the whole street helped us cover the trailer again – one had wood, the other screws, the next one paint – this was truly nice. We went to Bilbao, nearly crashing on a mountain road because of the clouds that were suddenly there just before a sharp turn… In Bilbao we made the mistake of mentioning the word “Spain” (or Spanish, whatever). Never do that in the Bask Country, it ruins your gig. Next day, Donostia (Bask for San Sebastian) was totally different. About 600 people had shown. RIP was opening and they were the most famous Bask punkband at that time. Everybody shouted along their Bask lyrics. We were getting pretty nervous… However, the gig was great and the audience was fantastic. We only spoke English and French to them this time… We played a small squat in Elgoibar next, had them remove the huge stage and played on the floor. Great. Then to Andoain. During the stormy night an iron barbeque fell of a balcony on top of the van… this wasn’t the nicest way of waking up for Onno, at 5.30 am in the freezing dark. We were scheduled to play somewhere next (forgot the name), but the place was flooded. Instantly, we were rescheduled to do another gig in Burgos. We got our friends Thomas, MariMar and Luis to support us with their band Ultimo Gobierno, and also Aaszo did a solo-act. The last gig was in a squatted beach hotel (which is fine in December on that latitude). Three kilometers before town limits our van broke down. Pulverized something in one of the axis. They hauled over our trailer with another truck and we still played – despite Onno and Michel being rather ill from tourdisease. It would take a lot of time to repair the van, so Vincent and me were forced to go back by train (we had exams coming up). Luckily, by then we smelled so heavy that we had lots of space in the train…
That was supposed to be the end of MBP, but we did one more gig in Simplon at the Rhythm Pigs benefit, to help these poor suckers buy tickets home after their disastrous European tour. This was January 1988. The end of MBP, and for me the start of Rat Patrol. Onno had made solo tapes as “(So) Who Cares” already and made one more, followed by a solo-LP, “Phoebe”, with jazz-fusion music (released under his own name, Onno Ottevanger). The other three got out of music. Maximum Break Party it was.
Henk (aka Henry), 2001

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(1989 – 1993)

Meaning bandname: Chronic to the (non structured) core, nervegrinding from start to end.

History: First musical tries were at our house early 1989 when Rob, Margriet and Oene used guitar, bass and flushing toilets or knitting needles for drumsamples to create Dutch spoken absurdities. For real it started when Johnny bought a drumkit and the rest started to try and learn how to (actually) play. After some time Margriet left and Jan H. (later, much later, DANDRUFF founder) joined on vocals, not for long though. As a trio the first gigs were done with RAT PATROL, after which the drummer Henry joined. After gigging and saving for a year, an album was recorded in september 1992. It was produced by Thee J. Johanz. “Crack the blinds” was released in december 1992 on Highly Obscure Records. This line-up lasted ‘til the split-up in early 1993.

Lyrics: Mostly personal experiences with life, death, society and everything else that has a (negative…) influence on a human being. Often they were nihilistic.

Description: An attempt to “zap” through hardcore, punk, metal; no rules only freedom to do as you please. All autodidactic.

Henry (vocals 1991-1993) – De Verkouden Olifant, M.B.P., Kotton Krown, Rat Patrol, Larry Speaks, Over The Moon
Jan Heddema (vocals 1990-1991) – Dandruff!
Oene (guitar 1989-1993) – Yphobia, Bloodcrust, PCP, Fleas And Lice
Rob (bass 1989-1993) – Bloodcrust, Yphobia, PCP, Fökdis
Johnny (drums 1990-1993)
Margriet (vocals 1989-1990) – PCP
1993 Chronicore 01

1991 – demo 91 TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
1992 – Crack The Blinds LP (Highly Obscure, NL)

Compilations & Miscellaneous Recordings
1993 – rehearsals
1993 – Bits Of Noise CD (WRF, NL) (2 new songs)
1993 – World Hardcore Compilation CD (Discrete, JAP) (1 song)
1996 – World Hardcore Compilation Vol. 2: No Fate 2xCD (H:G Fact, JAP) (1 song)

1991-03-02 Mw. Latenstaan, Zoetermeer (Rat Patrol)
1991-03-03 Cafe De Vier Winden, Spierdijk (Rat Patrol)
1991-04-24 Simplon, Groningen (Nausea)
1991-05-17 De Nije, Hoogezand (Rat Patrol, Ultimate Resistance, Seein’Red)
1991-09-17 Mazzo, Groningen (Disorder, Mushroom Attack)
1991-11-30 HTS-Soos, Zwolle (Rat Patrol)
1992-04-05 Vera, Groningen (Rat Patrol)
1992-04-30 Gideonweg Festival, Groningen (Freetown, Mean Machine, and many more)
1992-05-01 De Nije, Hoogezand (Rat Patrol)
1992-05-16 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal (Rat Patrol, Lickawallsocket)
1992-09-12 Viadukt, Groningen (Cat In Coma, and more)
1992-10-02 Alte Meierei, Kiel GER (Rat Patrol)
1992-10-06 Mazzo, Groningen (Disaffect)
1992-11-14 Zwijnzicht, Dordrecht (Rat Patrol)
1992-12-04 Kaue, Gelsenkirchen GER (Rat Patrol, 6 Days On A Marketsquare)
1992-12-09 Simplon, Groningen (Sick Of It All)
1993-01-05 Mazzo, Groningen (Rat Patrol; Pjotr of Rat Patrol replaces Rob (Bass) on Guitar)
1993-01-22 De Dirk, Amsterdam (Rat Patrol)
1993-01-23 Burgers, Eindhoven (Rat Patrol)
1993-02-02 Zowizo, The Hague (Rat Patrol)
1993-02-26 ORKZ, Groningen, X-Treem Benefit (Rat Patrol, Anarcrust, Odi Odi)
1993-04 ‘t Klooster, Ulft (Rat Patrol)
1993-05-15 Paradox, Boxtel (Rat Patrol, Active Minds, Disorder, Anarcrust, and more)
1993-09-18 Viadukt, Groningen (Fleas And Lice, Y-Phobia, and more)

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Larry Speaks   Leave a comment

1994-07-13 Larry Speaks - Funny Farm Festival, Groningen

Meaning bandname: named after the spokesman of of the US government during the war on Kuweit

History: Started as FUGUE but soon changed the name into Larry Speaks. Only lasted for 1 year.

Lyrics: personal

Description: hardcore

Henry (vocals) – De Verkouden Olifant, Chronicore, Kotton Krown, Rat Patrol, M.B.P., Over The Moon
Mark (guitar) – Skinlarm
Pascal (drums) – Larry Speaks, Office Killer, Largo, L.A.D.S., I’m Still Standing, Brito
René (bass) – Yphobia, Resent, Larry Speaks, Office Killer, Largo, L.A.D.S., The Last Mile

1994-05-28 Yphobia – Kraneweg 35a, Groningen (100 Bands in 100 Livingrooms Festival)
1994-06-30 Rat Patrol & others – Funny Farm Festival, Groningen
1994-08-20 Tattoo Festival, Out Town, Leutingewolde
1995-05-19 Simplon, Groningen

1996 – Larry Speaks 1994-1995 CD (Selfreleased, NL)

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