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Meaning bandname: Massgrave

History: Massagraf was member of the Roodwitzwart (RedWhiteBlack) collective, including bands such as Bloedbad, Slonz, Bloedbad, Vacuüm, magazines Blok 5, Struggle, Destructief Jong Nederland, label RWZ, and poet Bart Droog. Some other bands and magazines outside Groningen were associated as well.

Lyrics:  Dutch language and mostly political

Description: Punk

Nanno van Delden (bass) – Jetset, Massacubadset
Dikkie Bakker (drums) – Mean Machine
Paul Gnodde (vocals)
Jaap Kooistra (guitar)

1982 – Blokkade Op Straat (R.I.P.Off, NL)
1982 – Hatelijke Groenten 7″EP 4-way split with VACUUM, JETSET & FAHRENHEIT 451 (Roodwitzwart, NL)
1984 – Roodwitzwart LP 4-way split with BLOEDBAD, JETSET & BARBIE’S BOYFRIEND (Cycling Dinosaur, NL)


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