Catweazle (Gro) / Dreadful (Sco) @ W.N.C., Groningen 13 February 1989   Leave a comment

Scraps were supposed to play this one but canceled last minute and got replaced by Catweazle. Dreadful were from Glasgow, Scotland and released a 11 song demo in 1988. In 1991 they appeared on the compilation They ain’t seen nothing yet 7” EP together with bands such as Mushroom Attack and Hiatus.

1988 Dreadful Demo sleeve-1

1991 Dreadful EP insert-1


1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-4

Catweazle – Maynard


1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-3

Catweazle – Gerard/Buiten Adem right in the crowd

1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-2

Catweazle – Michael & Maynard

1989-02-13 Catweazle - WNC-1



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