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Volume 25 @ Papirna, Praha CZE 22.09.2001
w/Ação Direta (BRA)


Picture by Sander van der Kroft

Michael: This one was supposed to take place in the famous Klub 007 but was canceled last minute because of a fire. So it was moved to this place. A squat in the basement of a flat. A really strange concertlocation with tons of people living right above it. Since there was no poster/flyer, there was almost no people. After the concert, the Shikari guys drove back home and we met Jocke from Wolfpack and spent the nite talking about the ins and outs of our scenes. 

From the website: We’re doing some dates with ACAO DIRETA in Eastern Europe. I’m with AD in the Cavia Express I, the rest of SHIKARI is travelling by car. Near the squat they get stopped by the cops and forced to pay a fine. The price seems to be negotiable. After paying, the money disappears in the backpocket of the pig. This show was originally organised in the 007 Club but had to be moved at the last minute to the Papirna squat because 007 had a fire and was not ready for shows yet. Consequence is not many people show up (very bitter for AD coz they payed big cash for VISAS for this one and only Czech gig), and the sound is so fucked that we get totally confused while playing. Also the police shows up a couple times with some angry looking dogs. This squat is situated in the basement and backyard of a flat so neightbours always turn up and pass the squatted area to get to their apartment. While the rest of SHIKARI decide to drive back home, we hang out the entire night with Jocke/WOLFPACK and his friend. Nice finish nevertheless. 

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Volume 24 @ AZ Conni, Dresden GER 21.09.2001
w/Ação Direta (BRA), Eradicate (GER)

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Volume 23 @ Zoro, Leipzig GER 20.09.2001
w/Ação Direta (BRA), Creation = Crucifixion (USA), Social Insecurity (SCO)


Michael: I was on tour with Ação Direta and added Shikari to the bill for three concerts. Zoro always was one of my favorite places. Great people, brilliant food and excellent concertroom! 

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Volume 22 @ Grünenstrasse, Bremen GER 22.07.2001
w/Seein’Red, Burden (CAN)


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Volume 21 @ J.C.Sparrow, Klazienaveen 20.07.2001


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Volume 20 @ Worm, Rotterdam 27.06.2001
w/Orchid (USA)


Michael: The van broke down between Assen and Hoogeveen and we were transported back to our rehearsalplace in the ORKZ (thanks to ANWB roadservice). Bas was already on the way to Rotterdam but decided to return and pick us up to try to still make it to the concert (250 km). We already were way too late but after a rather insane race we were surprisingly welcomed by a waiting crowd at the venue and excruciating nonstop hardcore & gabberbeats in the venue. Needless to say, this was a total chaotic and adrenaline driven concert. One of those unforgettable crazy nights! 

From the website: We packed our “Cavia Express I” van with loads of friends and everybody is set for a great day. After 20 km the van breaks down. We’re lucky to roll on to a gasstation and the ANWB roadservice guy recommends to have the van towed to a garage. Bas was already on his way to Rotterdam when we phoned him and asked if he could drive back (some 100 km) and pick us up. In the meantime we get a ride back to Groningen in the towingtruck, dump all our friends and equipment at our rehearsal and race with Bas his car to Rotterdam. We arrive around 22.00 and everybody’s still waiting for us because ORCHID was a big disappointment. Daan, who was with us on the Cavia Express I, took a train to Rotterdam with his friend Wouter (both playing now in THE ARCHITECT) and they arrive at the exact same moment. During extreme loud techno and gabberbeats, we set up the equipment. Needless to say, our adrenaline level is set to maximum so right on the first tunes, an hellish inferno breaks loose. We threw everything out and we got 100% back from the crowd. Truly perfect interplay. When we start the song Robot Wars, 2 live robots appear from the back and start a fight. Enter scattering chaos. Everything was videotaped and put on the Dead Man MCD. Thanks again to Boris Kansloos for recording this out of that whirling and sometimes dangerous pit!

Michael: Nice shot of a broken stick within 1 minute into the set!

01 – Dead Men
02 – Robot Wars
03 – Biela
04 – Morning Wood
05 – The Last Thing
06 – Written In A Depressing Mood
07 – Tekila
08 – Copycat
09 – Fuel
10 – Attitude
11 – You Know So Well
12 – Fall On Proverb

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Volume 19 @ ORKZ, Groningen 25.05.2001
w/Mindfök, Kempes


Michael: Ofcourse we were the only band to play offstage

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