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Volume 14 @ Vera, Groningen 21.02.2001
w/At The Drive In (USA)



We found this lovely ad in the ORKZ

Michael: At The Drive In was immensely popular and incredibly hyped. Needless to say this concert was completely sold out and there was a long cue in front of the venue. We played a rather uncompromising set with loads of noise and inaccessible tunes. I loved to see the faces of mainstream people who could not escape because it was too crowded and were forced to undergo our treatment. Priceless!
And this was the very last concert of At The Drive In. They canceled the rest of their worldtour and broke up. During the concert, there was a very annoying camerateam from VPRO television who tried to follow them but got ignored systematically. Until a year after, we still got requests from journalists/magazines to talk about their final hours but we kindly refused.


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