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This page eventually can be found (in a slightly different layout) at https;//

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2002 – Various – No Hay Futuro Sin HC-Punk Vol. II CD (Logofobia / Produktiones Kostrosas, Spain)
2002 – Various – Maximaal Onthaal CD (Royal Blood Records, NL)
2005 – Various –  She’s Punk In ! ‎TAPE (Funtomias Records, Germany)
2007 – Various – Profane Existence #54 Sampler CD (Profane Existence, USA)
2009 – Various – La France Pue Volume 1 DVD (PTX Video, France)
200X – Various – Impaled By Chaos TAPE (Reflection Tapes, Germany)
200X – Various – Endless Sickness #3 TAPE (Endless Sickness, Germany)

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(1996 – 2000)

Meaning bandname: Character from the movie “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”. Tuco Ramirez is the ugly one…

History: Started somewhere in 1996 with several different people tried vocals and drums but nobody could keep it up. So Mike D. took over the mike and Sandor the drummachine came to the rescue. In this 3-piece line-up they released one DIY tape. During the French/Spanish Catweazle tour, Michael showed interest to driver and TR bassplayer/screamer Mike D. in replacing the machine. In 1998 they got their first concerts and recorded a promotape on a 4-track recorder in february. So far the band has been a bit low-profile because members live in different cities. In June 2000 Michael quit and the band stopped playing.

Description: hardcorepunk.

Lyrics: About all possible topics. As well as personal as political. In Dutch and English language.

Description: fast hardcore with grindy tempo’s and lots of screaming

Mike Doodeman aka Mike D. (bass/vocals 1998-2000) – Vastatrix , Rupsband, S.A.F., Valser, Villa Fungus, Waking The Dead, P.O.E.P.
Thierry Dikstaal (guitar) – Villa Fungus
Michael Bacteria – Puinhoop, Bloedbad, R.O.Conspiracy, Kastro Boys, Catweazle, PCP, Shikari, Makiladoras

1997 – Pigs! Tape (Eigen Beheer, NL)
1998 – Samenloop Van Omstandigheden Tape (Eigen Beheer, NL)
1999 – Tuco Ramirez / Boycot 7″ EP (Trujaca Fala, Poland)
1999 – Various – Fuck Copyrights! Tape (UPS, NL)
2000 – Various – Kamizole / Okara Benefit CD (Fight For Your Mind, France)
2000 – Various – Human Dust Vol. 2 7″EP (Na Und?! Records, GER)
2000 – Various – DP (Or Not DP) #3 2Tape (DP (Or Not DP), NL)
2001 – Various – Nederthrash In Opkomst 7”EP (UPS, NL)

1998.04.05 Swaf, Hoorn (+ Restrained)
1998.05.08 Troll, Hoorn (+ Boycot, Yphobia, Restrained)
1998.06.06 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf (+ Restrained, Hype, Vastatrix)
1998.06.21 De Engel, Den Helder (+ Growachin)
1998.12.12 Dukdalf, Wieringerwerf (+ Office Killer, Boycot, Azrael, Loot + 2)
1998.12.23 Glasfabriek, Groningen (+ Scum Brigade)
1998.12.26 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ My Mind’s Mine, Insane Youth, Betercore, Jesus Crust, Office Killler, Scum Brigade)
1999.04.24 Kiehool, Bergum (+ Brainshit, Last Days Of Humanity, My Minds Mine, Agathocles)
1999.06.05 Trapman, Schagen (+ Distress, Boycot)
1999.08.28 Opdrift, Groningen (+ Malaka, Reggae Maffia, Stick To The Pan, Harass)

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Catweazle – D.I.Y. Promo Tape 1993   Leave a comment

Title: D.I.Y. Promo Tape
Label: Bacteria Tapes, NL
Year: 1993
Recorded: O.R.K.Z. squat, Groningen NL November 1993
Tracklist: 1.Fight The Tears
2. Look Ahead
3. Human Race
4. Building Of Lies
Comment: Same as the Catweazle Tape without the bonus track

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Catweazle – O.R.K.Z. Video 1993   Leave a comment

Year: 1993
Recorded: in the O.R.K.Z. rehearsal by Johan Meerholz
Tracklist: Overgrown Corpse
Comment: recorded before Emil joined

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Title: Unreleased
Year: 1997
Recorded: Bunt’s Studio, Utrecht march/april 1997 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: 1. Fight The Tears
2. You’re A Part
Comment: leftovers

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Various – Idiomes CD 1998   Leave a comment

Title: Idiomes CD
Label: Stonehenge, FRA
Year: 1998
Tracklist: 1. Strijd (taken from the Cash And Pain Remain MCD)