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Various – Idiomes CD 1998   Leave a comment

Title: Idiomes CD
Label: Stonehenge, FRA
Year: 1998
Tracklist: 1. Strijd (taken from the Cash And Pain Remain MCD)

Various – Holland Sux LP / CD / Tape 1998   Leave a comment

Title: Holland Sux LP / CD / TAPE
Label: Bitzcore, GER
Year: 1998
Recorded: live in a studio in Amsterdam January 1997 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: 6. Sin Aviso
19. Repeat And Regret
Comment: Pretty much a marathon session, with bands waiting in line

The Catweazle Tracks

Catweazle – Catweazle tape 1993   Leave a comment

Title: Catweazle
Label: Bacteria Tapes, NL
Year: 1993
Recorded: O.R.K.Z. squat, Groningen NL November 1993
Tracklist: 1.Fight The Tears
2. Look Ahead
3. Human Race
4. Building Of Lies
5. Form Of Fear (bonus)
Comment: Recorded on a simple tapedeck. This one got replaced by the 7 song demotape from 1994.

Various – Hardcore Speedmetal Tape 1988   Leave a comment

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R.O.Conspiracy, Means Of Coercion, Lunacy, Thanatos, God, La Cosa Nostra @ Het Bolwerk, Sneek 03 May 1988   Leave a comment

Means Of Coercion (Groningen)

La Cosa Nostra (Leeuwarden/Heerenveen)

Aardschok Metalhammer written by Stephan Gebedy/Thanatos

Makiladoras – Niemandsland 12″ LP 2012   Leave a comment

Title: Niemandsland 12” LP
Label: Ruination, GER
Year: 2012
Press: 1000
Recorded: Kuschelrock Studio, Schwanewede Germany 17 & 18 June 2006
Additional: 5 Years after the last second canceled release, Stevie/Ruination decided to put it out / The cover is in full-color but not gatefold and inserts are in black and white //
Tracklist: 1. Opgestookt
2. Land Der Blinden
3. Niemandsland
4. Verdeeld
5. Linzensoep
6. Ze Kijken Op Ons Neer
7. Hamer En Aambeeld
8. Over De Grens

Makiladoras @ De Groote Weiver, Krommenie (+ Lowlife, Roll The Dice) 2005.10.15   Leave a comment