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Catweazle / Dikke Løl (Gro) / Means To An End (Gro) @ W.N.C., Groningen 11 November 1988   Leave a comment

Catweazle / Means To An End (Gro) / Moonlizards (Gro) @ Simplon, Groningen 8 October 1988   Leave a comment

1988-10-08 Catweazle - Simplon flyer-1


Catweazle Flyers-3


Catweazle / Means To An End (Gro) @ J.C. Innocent, Hengelo 30 September 1988   Leave a comment

First ever gig after just a few months of practise. It took a while to get back to Groningen since the van broke down. ANWB roadservice helped out once again! Pretty memorable was when we arrived in Leek in the early morning to drop off some of the very drunken MTAE guys, the sidedoor of the van flew off while there was a copcar observing us. Must have been quite a spectacle!

Catweazle Flyers-4

Catweazle (Gro) / E.N.E. (Gro) / Dikke Lol (Gro) @ W.N.C., Groningen 5 December 1988   Leave a comment

Last E.N.E. concert.

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie h-3

Catweazle – Lamlendigheid troef

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie h-4

Catweazle – More lamlendigheid

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie v-3

Catweazle – in action

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie v-4

Catweazle – Sinterklaas was probably more exciting

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie h-1

E.N.E. – Robbie and Thermo

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie h-2

E.N.E. – Robbie, Thermo & Rob

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie v-1

E.N.E. – Pierre & Robbie

1988-12-05 WNC Perfectie v-2

E.N.E. – Maynard, Rob & Thermo