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Catweazle / Estaban @ Breehuis, Leiden 28 October 1989   Leave a comment



Agathocles canceled and Estaban played instead. 

1989-10-28 Leiden-1

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Catweazle / Rene Biname (Bel) / Yum Yum Club (Bel) / M.O.P. (Bel) / Chronic Disease (Bel) / Membranes (UK) @ Zaal Terminal, Torhout BEL 30 April 1989   Leave a comment

Nice posterart by Herr Seele!

1989-04-30 Torhout-1

Catweazle / Scraps (Fra) / Skoundrels / Vortex (Bel) @ Zaal De Baken, Oostende BEL 29 April 1989   Leave a comment

1989-04-29 De Baken, Oostende BEL
2 Crazy days in Belgium. This one was without Maynard. Rob was the driver, Margreet, Eva, Thermo and Maarten were roadies. When we arrived at the concertplace, we we’re welcomed by the organizer who was quite a familiar face at the time (and still is): Herr Seele! After the concert we stayed at his amazing house in Oostende. A total heaven for touring bands! Fridges full of food & drinks, rooms packed with comics (I believe I have read about all Red Rat’s there), beds everywhere…


Catweazle / Systematic Massmurder (GER) @ JZ Schlachthof, Aurich GER 22 April 1989   Leave a comment

1989-04-22 Schlachthof, Aurich GER

Our first gig abroad and directly one to never forget because of the bouncers at the entrance who bodysearched everyone for weapons. The local punx didn’t seem to bother at all… At the time, I was totally unaware this part of Germany had a big naziproblem as well so understandebly this was one of the consequences.