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Catweazle / Art.64 (FRA) @ McEwan’s Pub, St. Jean De La Ruelle / Orleans FRA 15 November 1997   Leave a comment

Nice venue, in a basement of an Irish pub. Pretty good turn up (around 170), and it’s warm down there. During soundcheck we were specifically instructed to play as quiet as possible, apparently a sound restrictions problem. So we played our slowest song (Cash and Pain Remain), and turned it into a bad rock song, with inspirationless drumming. We had troubles doing vocals due to laughter cause it sounded so bad.
Some folks were early, and by the looks of it, some were considering going back home hahaha.
Show was great, awesome reception and a pretty memorable time.
Anyone with live pics of this show: get in touch! We don’t have any.


0.00 Sin Aviso (Without Warning)
2.33 Form of Fear
3.45 Building of Lies
5.37 Strijd (Struggle)
6.30 System-Fall
7.59 Adversary
9.09 Repeat and Regret
10.35 Never Understand (Chain of Strength)
12.55 Fallaka
13.48 Backin’ up the Ol’ Truck

Filmed by Mike D.
Songs only partially filmed.


Catweazle @ La Salle, Queudreville FRA 11 November 1997   Leave a comment

Catweazle / NRA @ Willem II, Den Bosch 8 June 1997   Leave a comment



Catweazle @ Ateneo Libertario, Zaragoza SPA 14 May 1997   Leave a comment

Catweazle / Growing Up @ C.S.A., Gijon SPA 9 May 1997   Leave a comment

Meeting with Uge, the organizer of this tour and running the very active “Don’t Belong” label/distro.


Catweazle / No I.D. (Gro) @ Kalasnikov, Terneuzen 15 March 1997   Leave a comment

Catweazle Flyer H-1

Catweazle / Outcry (Spa) / Growing Up (Spa) @ Oviedo SPA 10 May 1997   Leave a comment

Catweazle Flyer H-3

This one got moved from Palencia to Oviedo! Thanks alot to the bands for playing a shorter set so we could join the party!