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Catweazle – rehearsal recordings   Leave a comment

The tiny yet amazing O.R.K.Z. rehearsalroom! Catweazle practised here every week from 1990-1998. When Oene/Fleas And Lice joined as a 2nd guitarplayer for a very brief period in 1995, there was not enough space and someone had to stand outside with the cable going under the door into the room. And during hot summerdays, water was literally running down the walls… Concerts were always hard work coz the place was on the first floor with slippery stairs.
Michael Bacteria / Catweazle

1996-02 Catweazle ORKZ Rehearsal v-1

Getting behind the drumkit in the corner was always tricky business

1996-02 Catweazle ORKZ Rehearsal h-1


W.N.C., Groningen 1988 (no vocals)
(Maynard – drums, Johan – bass, Axe – gtr)
instruction tape for Michael
1. Mushrooms
2. Better Off Dead
3. North Sea
4. no title
5. Ghetto
6. Overgrown Corpse
7. Roger Ramjet

W.N.C., Groningen 13 December 1988
(Maynard & Mark – vocals, Johan – bass, Axe – guitar, Michael – drums)
1. Mushrooms
2. Mushrooms
3. Better Off Dead
4. Ghetto
5. Slaughter Of Animals
6. Overgrown Corpse
7. Roger Ramjet
8. Waiting For A Genocide
9. Holy Death
10. North Sea
11. Pollute Our Environment
12. Conservatives
13. North Sea
14. Form Of Fear
15. Form Of Fear
16. Form Of Fear
17. Form Of Fear (Freakversion)

O.R.K.Z., Groningen 29 January 1990 (no vocals)
(Johan – bass, Axe – guitar, Michael – drums)
1. Acceptance (early version)
2. Waiting For A Genocide
3. Overgrown Corpse
4. Autocrazy
5. no title
6. no title
7. no title
8. no title
9. no title
10. no title

O.R.K.Z., Groningen 6 September 1990 (no vocals)
1. Fight The Tears (early version)
2. no title
3. Repeat & Regret
4. You’re A Part (early version / 17 September 1990)
5. You’re A Part

(VIDEO) O.R.K.Z., Groningen 1993
(Erik – bass, Axe – guitar, Michael – drums)
without vocals / filmed by Johan

Catweazle – Form Of Fear 7″ EP 1997   Leave a comment

Title: Form Of Fear 7″ EP
Label: Bad Card Records, FRA / Revolution Records, FRA
Year: 1997
Press: 1000
Recorded: Bunt’s Studio, Utrecht March/April 1997 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: A1. Stuck In A Rut
A2. Form Of Fear
B3. Seeds Of Our Destiny
B4. Overgrown Corpse (backing vocals: Menno Bakker)
Comment: this is 
somekind of salute to the old times: 2-4 were written before 1990 / Seeds Of Our Destiny was formerly called Pollute Our Environment / all sleeves silkscreened by hand / comes with booklet (see below)

1997 Form Of Fear EP ad-1

Seein’Red / Catweazle 10” 1997   Leave a comment

Title: Seein’Red / Catweazle 10″
Label: Wicked Witch Records, NL / Kangaroo Records, NL
Anomie Records, GER / Farewell Records, GER (repress + 2nd repress)
Year: 1997
Press: 1000 + 1500 (repress / 500 colored) + 1000 (2nd repress)
Recorded: Bunt’s Studio, Utrecht March/April 1997 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: 1. Adversary
2. Equation
3. Sin Aviso
4. Fallaka
5. Deathrow
Comment: 1st repress in 1998 / 2nd repress in 1999 (different paper for the sleeve) / comes with booklet (see below)

1st Pressing

2nd Pressing

3rd Pressing

Catweazle – Cash And Pain Remain 3″ MCD 1996   Leave a comment

1996 Cash And Pain MCD -1
1996 Cash And Pain MCD inside -1
1996 Cash And Pain Tape-1

: Cash And Pain Remain 3″ MCD
Label: Profane Existence Far East, Japan
Year: 1996
Press: 2000
Recorded: Bunt’s Studio, Utrecht 5 & 6 October 1995 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: 1. Look Ahead
2. Power
3. Strijd
4. Cash And Pain Remain
5. Building Of Lies
6. Human Race
7. Catalyst
Comment: This MCD was supposed to be the Cash And Pain Remain 7″ EP plus bonustracks. However, after sending the DAT, complete artwork etc. etc. we never heard back from Jip Records from Canada who was supposed to release it / Also (self)released on tape



Catweazle – 7 song demo TAPE 1994   Leave a comment

1994 7 Song Demo -1

Title: 7 song demo/promo TAPE
Label: self-released
Year: 1994
Press: 100
Recorded: O.R.K.Z. squat, Groningen 23 October 1994
Tracklist: 1.You’re A Part
3. Look Ahead
4. Human Race
5. Building Of Lies
6. Fight The Tears
7. Acceptance
Comment: This is more or less a promotape for getting concerts. Made possible by Johan/Little Mountain Studio, former bassplayer for Catweazle and recorded on his portable 4-track recorder.

1994 Demo Review Babylon
Babylon Infozine Nr.1 1994

Catweazle – WNC Basement demo TAPE 1989   Leave a comment

Title: Catweazle TAPE aka W.N.C. Basement TAPE
Label: Bacteria Tapes (D.I.Y.)
Year: 1989
Press: 150 (numbered)
Recorded: W.N.C. basement, Groningen NL 31 January 1989
Tracklist: 1.Intro
3.Slaughter Of Animals
4.Nuclear War
5.North Sea
6.Overgrown Corpse
8.Upper Ten
9.Shut Up!
10.Roger Ramjet
12.Waiting For A Genocide
13.Better Off Dead
14.Pollute Our Environment
15.Holy Death
16.Form Of Fear
Comment: First line-up: Maynard (vocs), Mark (vocs), Michael (drums), Johan (bass), Axe (guitar)
Recorded with a portable tapedeck in the rehearsalcellars of the W.N.C. squat.

Catweazle / Disgrace / War Dance (UK) / Soulside (US) @ Het Bolwerk, Sneek 24 June 1989   Leave a comment