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(1989 – 1993)

Meaning bandname: Chronic to the (non structured) core, nervegrinding from start to end.

History: First musical tries were at our house early 1989 when Rob, Margriet and Oene used guitar, bass and flushing toilets or knitting needles for drumsamples to create Dutch spoken absurdities. For real it started when Johnny bought a drumkit and the rest started to try and learn how to (actually) play. After some time Margriet left and Jan H. (later, much later, DANDRUFF founder) joined on vocals, not for long though. As a trio the first gigs were done with RAT PATROL, after which the drummer Henry joined. After gigging and saving for a year, an album was recorded in september 1992. It was produced by Thee J. Johanz. “Crack the blinds” was released in december 1992 on Highly Obscure Records. This line-up lasted ‘til the split-up in early 1993.

Lyrics: Mostly personal experiences with life, death, society and everything else that has a (negative…) influence on a human being. Often they were nihilistic.

Description: An attempt to “zap” through hardcore, punk, metal; no rules only freedom to do as you please. All autodidactic.

Henry (vocals 1991-1993) – De Verkouden Olifant, M.B.P., Kotton Krown, Rat Patrol, Larry Speaks, Over The Moon
Jan Heddema (vocals 1990-1991) – Dandruff!
Oene (guitar 1989-1993) – Yphobia, Bloodcrust, PCP, Fleas And Lice
Rob (bass 1989-1993) – Bloodcrust, Yphobia, PCP, Fökdis
Johnny (drums 1990-1993)
Margriet (vocals 1989-1990) – PCP
1993 Chronicore 01

1991 – demo 91 TAPE (Selfreleased, NL)
1992 – Crack The Blinds LP (Highly Obscure, NL)

Compilations & Miscellaneous Recordings
1993 – rehearsals
1993 – Bits Of Noise CD (WRF, NL) (2 new songs)
1993 – World Hardcore Compilation CD (Discrete, JAP) (1 song)
1996 – World Hardcore Compilation Vol. 2: No Fate 2xCD (H:G Fact, JAP) (1 song)

1991-03-02 Mw. Latenstaan, Zoetermeer (Rat Patrol)
1991-03-03 Cafe De Vier Winden, Spierdijk (Rat Patrol)
1991-04-24 Simplon, Groningen (Nausea)
1991-05-17 De Nije, Hoogezand (Rat Patrol, Ultimate Resistance, Seein’Red)
1991-09-17 Mazzo, Groningen (Disorder, Mushroom Attack)
1991-11-30 HTS-Soos, Zwolle (Rat Patrol)
1992-04-05 Vera, Groningen (Rat Patrol)
1992-04-30 Gideonweg Festival, Groningen (Freetown, Mean Machine, and many more)
1992-05-01 De Nije, Hoogezand (Rat Patrol)
1992-05-16 De Kwinne, Stadskanaal (Rat Patrol, Lickawallsocket)
1992-09-12 Viadukt, Groningen (Cat In Coma, and more)
1992-10-02 Alte Meierei, Kiel GER (Rat Patrol)
1992-10-06 Mazzo, Groningen (Disaffect)
1992-11-14 Zwijnzicht, Dordrecht (Rat Patrol)
1992-12-04 Kaue, Gelsenkirchen GER (Rat Patrol, 6 Days On A Marketsquare)
1992-12-09 Simplon, Groningen (Sick Of It All)
1993-01-05 Mazzo, Groningen (Rat Patrol; Pjotr of Rat Patrol replaces Rob (Bass) on Guitar)
1993-01-22 De Dirk, Amsterdam (Rat Patrol)
1993-01-23 Burgers, Eindhoven (Rat Patrol)
1993-02-02 Zowizo, The Hague (Rat Patrol)
1993-02-26 ORKZ, Groningen, X-Treem Benefit (Rat Patrol, Anarcrust, Odi Odi)
1993-04 ‘t Klooster, Ulft (Rat Patrol)
1993-05-15 Paradox, Boxtel (Rat Patrol, Active Minds, Disorder, Anarcrust, and more)
1993-09-18 Viadukt, Groningen (Fleas And Lice, Y-Phobia, and more)

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