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1994-07-13 Larry Speaks - Funny Farm Festival, Groningen

Meaning bandname: named after the spokesman of of the US government during the war on Kuweit

History: Started as FUGUE but soon changed the name into Larry Speaks. Only lasted for 1 year.

Lyrics: personal

Description: hardcore

Henry (vocals) – De Verkouden Olifant, Chronicore, Kotton Krown, Rat Patrol, M.B.P., Over The Moon
Mark (guitar) – Skinlarm
Pascal (drums) – Larry Speaks, Office Killer, Largo, L.A.D.S., I’m Still Standing, Brito
René (bass) – Yphobia, Resent, Larry Speaks, Office Killer, Largo, L.A.D.S., The Last Mile

1994-05-28 Yphobia – Kraneweg 35a, Groningen (100 Bands in 100 Livingrooms Festival)
1994-06-30 Rat Patrol & others – Funny Farm Festival, Groningen
1994-08-20 Tattoo Festival, Out Town, Leutingewolde
1995-05-19 Simplon, Groningen

1996 – Larry Speaks 1994-1995 CD (Selfreleased, NL)

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