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Catweazle / Rat Patrol @ Breehuys, Leiden 19 May 1990   Leave a comment

Catweazle Flyers-5

Rat Patrol   Leave a comment


Description: Hardcore

Meaning bandname: Named after a song by Naked Raygun

History: Rat Patrol exists since 1988 and are influenced by really all sort of things, from 77 punk to the loudest hatecore. In between the concerts two albums were recorded: ‘Rat Patrol’ (1989) and ‘Not a youth cult’ (1992). They were recorded at Joke’s Rent-a-Cow in Amsterdam and released on the bands own label ‘Highly Obscure Records’. Both records were released on 1 CD. The new studio CD “Painkiller” was released in July 1997, recorded at Bunt’s studio in Utrecht.

Lyrics: Lyrics are important, but more to give rise to discussion or thinking, than to show a pointed finger.

Henry (drums) – De Verkouden Olifant, M.B.P., Kotton Krown, Chronicore, Larry Speaks, Over The Moon
Jansel (bass) – De Luxe Green
Pjotr (guitar) – Bloodcrust
Roelsel (vocals) – De Luxe Green

1989 – Rat Patrol LP (Highly Obscure Records, NL)
1992 – Not A Youthcult LP/CD (Highly Obscure Records, NL)
1997 – Painkiller CD (Highly Obscure Records, NL)
2008 – Ibiza Kepone CD (Highly Obscure Records, NL)

Compilations & miscellaneous recordings
1993 – Bits Of Noise 1 CD (W.R.F., NL) (2 new songs)
1994 – World Hardcore Compilation CD (Discrete Records, JAP) (1 song)
1994 – Up For Grabs live LP (E-Quality Records, NL / K-Baal, NL) (4 live songs)
1996 – Take It Or Leave It – Part 1 CD (Teenangel, NL) (1 live song)
1998 – Groetjes Uit Holland 2xCD (Vitaminepillen, NL) (2 songs)
1998 – X-treem CD (Xtreem, NL) (1 alternate song)
1999 – Geen Gezeik Over De Muziek Hufter CD (NDP, NL) (1 live song)

2000 – Viadukt CD (Viadukt, NL) (1 song)
2000 – Rats’n’Dikes CD (Out Of Step, NL) (1 live song)
2002 – De Groote Weiver Gaat Hard 2xCD (De Groote Weiver, NL) (2 live songs)


@ Viadukt, Groningen, 25th Anniversary 21 December 2013

@ Vera, Groningen, 1st gig 26 January 1989

@ Bunt’s Studio, Utrecht, Recording Pain Killer, 1996-1997

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