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Catweazle – WNC Basement demo TAPE 1989   Leave a comment

1989 Catweazle Disco WNC Tape -1

Title: Catweazle TAPE aka W.N.C. Basement TAPE
Label: Bacteria Tapes (D.I.Y.)
Year: 1989
Press: 150 (numbered)
Recorded: W.N.C. basement, Groningen NL 31 January 1989
Tracklist: 1.Intro
3.Slaughter Of Animals
4.Nuclear War
5.North Sea
6.Overgrown Corpse
8.Upper Ten
9.Shut Up!
10.Roger Ramjet
12.Waiting For A Genocide
13.Better Off Dead
14.Pollute Our Environment
15.Holy Death
16.Form Of Fear
Comment: First line-up: Maynard (vocs), Mark (vocs), Michael (drums), Johan (bass), Axe (guitar)
Recorded with a portable tapedeck in the rehearsalcellars of the W.N.C. squat.