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Volume 08 @ Grand Theater, Groningen 19.10.2000
w/Channel Zero, Space Age 70’s, O.D.Baby


Michael: Big hall, huge stage, not too many people… so we decided to play in front of the stage much to the dislike (or it seemed more like a shock) of the organisers and soundpeople. I have fond memories of the angry and very frustrated soundtechnician who eventually walked away in disbelief. Great stuff!

From the website: Basically most of the gigs we played in our hometown have been extremely crazy and chaotic. Some of these stand out because of the circumstances. This one was on a birthday party and had a very mixed line-up. Grand Theatre is a cultural place and the music hall is huge. I mean fucking huge. Stage is 2 metres high, very professional and heavy PA, the roof is so high you cannot even see it… So we decide to fuck shit up and play in front of the stage without PA. We do this often. Put the equipment on the edge of the stage and play in front of it to create some extra ambiance and break down that annoying border between band-audience. Anyway, we entangle in an heated debate with the soundpeople, coz obviously they feel passed over. We play for a mixed crowd and shock some. Got some great reactions afterwards and leave with a nice satisfied feeling.

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