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Meaning bandname: Dutch for mess or ruins. Continueing the Groningen tradition of Dutch language bandnames such as Massagraf (mass grave), Bloedbad (bloodbath), Vacuüm, Jetset…

History: Formed during the Dead Kennedy’s/M.D.C. concert in Amsterdam on 05.12.1982 Started as midtempo 3-chord hardcore but “developed” as manic over-the-top chaoscore. Heavily influenced by the likes of early US-Boston and European hardcore. First gig in June 1983 in the famous De Buze in Steenwijk together with Lärm, Pandemonium, Stanx… etc. Small period with 2 bassplayers. Never got the money to release anything officially but recorded several rehearsalroom recordings. Joined the Roodwitzwart federation in 1983 as Puinhoop G.Z.U. Also used the name RHINOCEROS. Split up end of 1984 when Michael joined Bloedbad.

Lyrics: Mostly anarcho-communist with a personal touch (experiences). In German, Dutch, English, French and Finnish language. A great deal were written by Theo Vriezen.

Description: Simple three/four chord chaoscore

Mark Scheffer (guitar) – Kastroboys
Michael Bacteria (vocals) – Bloedbad, Intensity, R.O.Conspiracy, Kastroboys, Catweazle, PCP, Tuco Ramirez, Shikari, Makiladoras
Stephen Jonker (bass) – De Nikx
Michiel Van De Broek (drums) – PP

Thermo (bass) – Shampookillerz, Abces, Nul50, Massacubadset, E.N.E.
Theo Vriezen (lyrics) – Intensity, R.O.Conspiracy, L.W.S.

1983 Puinhoop ORKZ-1

18.06.83 Asperitys / Antidote / Stanx / Pandemonium / Lärm / Indirekt / C.K.N. / Puinhoop / Bloedbad – De Buze, Steenwijk
13.10.83 Massagraf / Bloedbad / Puinhoop / Jetset / Vacuüm – De Kwinne, Stadskanaal
15.10.83 Jetset / Vacuüm / Puinhoop – Haddingedwarsstraat, Groningen
05.11.83 Bloedbad / Jetset / Massagraf / Puinhoop / Vacuüm  – Jongerencentrum, Winschoten
19.11.83 Puinhoop / Bloedbad – Het Baken, Hoogeveen
12.01.84 Puinhoop / Vacuüm – Vera, Groningen

1984 – Holland Hardcore 3: The Invasion Compilation TAPE (Er Is Hoop Tapes, NL)
1985 – Alle 55 Kort Compilation TAPE (as Rhinoceros) (Anti Esthetische Dienst, NL)

and numerous international tape compilations


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