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Catweazle – D.I.Y. Promo Tape 1993   Leave a comment

Title: D.I.Y. Promo Tape
Label: Bacteria Tapes, NL
Year: 1993
Recorded: O.R.K.Z. squat, Groningen NL November 1993
Tracklist: 1.Fight The Tears
2. Look Ahead
3. Human Race
4. Building Of Lies
Comment: Same as the Catweazle Tape without the bonus track

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Catweazle – O.R.K.Z. Video 1993   Leave a comment

Year: 1993
Recorded: in the O.R.K.Z. rehearsal by Johan Meerholz
Tracklist: Overgrown Corpse
Comment: recorded before Emil joined

Catweazle – Unreleased   Leave a comment

Title: Unreleased
Year: 1997
Recorded: Bunt’s Studio, Utrecht march/april 1997 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: 1. Fight The Tears
2. You’re A Part
Comment: leftovers

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Various – Idiomes CD 1998   Leave a comment

Title: Idiomes CD
Label: Stonehenge, FRA
Year: 1998
Tracklist: 1. Strijd (taken from the Cash And Pain Remain MCD)

Various – Holland Sux LP / CD / Tape 1998   Leave a comment

Title: Holland Sux LP / CD / TAPE
Label: Bitzcore, GER
Year: 1998
Recorded: live in a studio in Amsterdam January 1997 by Menno Bakker
Tracklist: 6. Sin Aviso
19. Repeat And Regret
Comment: Pretty much a marathon session, with bands waiting in line

The Catweazle Tracks

Various – Bits Of Noise 2 CD 1995   Leave a comment

Title: Bits Of Noise 2 CD
Label: W.R.F., NL
Year: 1996
Tracklist: 1. Strijd
2. Look Ahead
Comment: both songs taken from the Cash And Pain Remain MCD

Various – No Fate Vol. 2 2xCD 1996   Leave a comment

Title: World Hardcore Compilation Vol. 2 No Fate 2xCD
Label: H:G Fact, Japan
Year: 1996
Tracklist: CD1/18. Catalyst (taken from Cash And Pain Remain MCD)