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Human Error (Gro) @ W.N.C., Groningen 13 August 1989 (First gig)   Leave a comment

After E.N.E. split up, Maynard, Robbie and Piet decided to start a new band with the help of Juul on bass and Janine on vocals. We did our first gig in our squat the W.N.C. on 13.08.89 as HUMAN ERROR. We changed the name from REALITY ATTACK into MUSHROOM ATTACK. After several tours and two split LP’s we decided to split up after our disaster UK tour in June 1992. There were just too many tensions in the band.

Catweazle / Oerboere (Gro) / Human Error (Gro) @ Schlachthof, Bremen GER 13 October 1989   Leave a comment


WNC Promotion tour. Human Error = Pre-MUSHROOM ATTACK.

Oerboere (Gro) / La Cosa Nostra (NL) / Kadaverbak (NL) / Screech Rock (UK) / Scraps (Fra) @ W.N.C., Groningen 25 November 1989   Leave a comment

WNC Flyers H-5