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Rommert – Guitar (also PCP, Yphobia)
Pelle Lodder – Drums (also PCP, Fleas And Lice)
Eva Oling – Vocals
Iris – Vocals
Wienand – Bass
Ralf – beerroadie
Anjel – shitworker

1997 – No I.D. Tape (Not On Label)
1998 – Pictures Of Pain 7″ EP (split withh Aside) (Koroshi Records)
1999 – Preaching To The Converted 7″ EP (Funai Records)

I wrote a partial tourdiary for this one so you can find it on the concertpages.
Pierre/Aside also wrote a diary in his zine Empowerment #9. I’ve put it here as well.
(the pictures are taken with an analogue compact camera)

1998.07.25 Centre Cívic La Fonteta, Sant Feliu De Codines SPA (+ Dios Odioso, Protesis, Aside)
1998.07.26 Can Cabrit, Sant Antoni De Vilamajor SPA (+ Outcry, Aside)
1998.07.28 Ateneu, Badalona SPA (+ Aside)
1998.07.29 Atzavara Club, Sant Feliu De Guíxols SPA (+ Aside)
1998.07.30 Sant Celoni SPA (+ Aside)
1998.07.31 Entropia, Zaragoza SPA (+ Baikor, Aside)
1998.08.01 Centro Social Libertario Antracita, Madrid SPA (+ Menos Que Nada, Aside)
1998.08.05 Rock Beer The New, Santander SPA (+ Aside)
1998.08.06 Gasteizko Gaztetxea, Vitoria EUS (+ Aside)
1998.08.07 Deusto Gaztetxea, Bilbao EUS (+ Aside)

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