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Volume 20 @ Worm, Rotterdam 27.06.2001
w/Orchid (USA)


Michael: The van broke down between Assen and Hoogeveen and we were transported back to our rehearsalplace in the ORKZ (thanks to ANWB roadservice). Bas was already on the way to Rotterdam but decided to return and pick us up to try to still make it to the concert (250 km). We already were way too late but after a rather insane race we were surprisingly welcomed by a waiting crowd at the venue and excruciating nonstop hardcore & gabberbeats in the venue. Needless to say, this was a total chaotic and adrenaline driven concert. One of those unforgettable crazy nights! 

Michael: Nice shot of a broken stick within 1 minute into the set!

01 – Dead Men
02 – Robot Wars
03 – Biela
04 – Morning Wood
05 – The Last Thing
06 – Written In A Depressing Mood
07 – Tekila
08 – Copycat
09 – Fuel
10 – Attitude
11 – You Know So Well
12 – Fall On Proverb


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