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Olho Seco @ C.S.A. Via Volturno, Udine ITA (+ Entropia) 1999.09.23   Leave a comment

Thursday 23/9: After exploring Ljubljana we depart at 16.00. At the border we have no problems but we take the wrong way and lose one and a half hour. I phone the Hellnation shop in Rome for help because I have no phonenumber or address for the concertplace. Eventually we get picked up by Giulio/Cripple Bastards and the Entropia crew. The organizer recognizes me from the Selfish tour in 1997 when we were here as well and he points me to the Catweazle stickers I put there. I make sure to put some PCP ones there as well. This is one of the oldest squats in Italy, already going for 11 years. With Selfish it was rather peculiar because on one side lived the communists and the other side had the anarchists. The latter organized the gigs and always borrowed the backline from the commies. But this time they had a fight and obviously we/they had a problem… The gig start at 23.30 and Entropia sounds like a cross between Los Crudos and Indigesti! We hear the gigs for Milano, Firenze and Roma are canceled. Fortunately it’s possible to make another concert in Torino. The concertcellar is filled pretty well and the crowd goes crazy when Olho Seco plays. I film about 20 minutes, Andre has bassdrumpedalproblems and Fabio’s throat is still hurting like hell. Nevertheless the band parties on until 5.00.

Entropia (Italy)

Treblinka Squat

Olho Seco @ Kasa Praça Espanha, Lisboa POR (+ Reltih, Simbiose, Luv Da Xit) 1999.10.10   Leave a comment

Sunday 10/10: This house has been squatted for 2 years now and is more of a “workingspace” than a concertplace. The cellar is kind of small and has a big Boumann’s vibe. Olho Seco is up early to pack up for their departure back to Brazil. Realtih is supercrust, Simbiose plays a sort of skacrust and Luv Da Xit plays good ole hardcore. Olho Seco gets the place going including a lot of fingerpointing. Marcus kisses his Portuguese shirt and they hand out autographs. A perfect ending of the tour for the band! We talk a lot with Rafa who has its own shop in the city which we will visit in the upcoming days.

Reltih (Portugal)

Simbiose (Portugal)

Luv Da Xit (Portugal)

Olho Seco @ Bar Sta. Suzana, Aljezur POR (+ M.A.D., 12 Bucks) 1999.10.09   Leave a comment

Saturday 09/10: We depart for Aljezur around 16.30 and eat at a restaurant along the way about 5 km before the concertplace. The concert is free and the place, in the middle of nowhere, belongs to English pensionados. It gets crowded. We meet organizer João/Ataque Sonoro and Raatus who was in Groningen one year ago. M.A.D. plays funcrust. 12 Bucks is terrible out of tune lalala-core. After Olho Seco we drive 250 km back to Lisboa on small roads. The car we follow is almost out of gas and all gasstations are closed. Eventually the driver freaks out and starts to ghost drive on the highway…. Fortunately we find an open gasstation at 5.45. Funny enough we see a car full of punx we know. It appears they were out of gas and pushed the car to this place but they are already 20 min waiting because the pumps are not working. Around 7.20 we can finally get gas, say goodbye to João who was in the car and at 8.00 we arrive at the Lisboa squat.

M.A.D. (Portugal)

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Olho Seco @ Bar Bafo De Baco, Loúle POR (+ As Good As Dead) 1999.10.08   Leave a comment

Thursday 07/10: off to Lisboa
The Villa cleaningcrew take their work serious. After breakfast we get a lot of food and goodies for the long drive to Lisboa. It’s mostly small roads so after a 14 hour drive, we arrive at 3.00. At the squat, after 15 minutes of noise we wake some people up to let us in.

Friday 08/10: Finally everyone is awake at 12.00. João/As Good As Dead, the organizer and Guillermo arrive in a van to pick up the backline for tonite’s concert. It’s a 3 hour drive to the small tourist city in the Algarve. It’s a bar with a huge stage and a lot of Heineken commercials. There’s no food so we cook something ourselves. Eva recognizes João when he was singing for Subkaos and lived in Gent for a while. We met him in the kitchen in Ieper during a Fest in 1996. The entire city youth is showing up. As Good As Dead play sloppy straightedge vegan metalmosh. With Olho Seco it’s full house and a lot of singalong and because of no language barrier anymore, there’s a lot of participation. At 4.30 we drive 50 km to our sleepingplace in Albufeira. They rented a very nice holidayhome for us.

As Good As Dead (Portugal)

Olho Seco @ Club De Juvenil Villa, Llangreu SPA (+ Escuela De Odio) 1999.10.06   Leave a comment

Wednesday 06/10: We arrive at 17.00 in Llangreu but the place is difficult to find. We find it at after 1 hour of driving and asking around. We meet with organizer Pirri/Escuela De Odio, Oscar, Payo, Uge and Carlos. We have dinner before and after the gig and I’ll get to hear stories from Uge about the E-150 US tour and Battle Of Disarm tour. Escuela De Odio is impressive and Olho Seco plays for a great crowd with a lot of movement.

Escuela De Odio (Spain)

Olho Seco @ Bar La Abuela, Burgos SPA (+ Aborginaal) 1999.10.05   Leave a comment

Tuesday 05/10: We arrive early in Burgos. Before dinner in a bar, we explore the beautifully middle-ages city. I meet a guy who designed the Irish pub in Groningen. The concert begins at 00.30 and Aborginaal plays original punkrock with a lot of voices. Olho Seco starts at 2.00 and around 4.30 we drive to the sleeping.

Aborginaal (Spain)

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Olho Seco @ Etxebeltz, Astrabadua EUS (+ Parasite) 1999.10.03   Leave a comment

Sunday 03/10: We arrive at 17.00 at Etxebeltz and see they don’t have a backline. This is kind of improvised concert with only 10 flyers but the concertroom eventually fills up. Me and Eva join Felipe & Iñigo in the rehearsal (in the same place) to play abit. We meet with the Israeli’s who ended their tour and Suicida’s Distro is also present. The atmosphere is really good and we meet a lot of old friends (Javi, David, Iñaki…).

Monday 04/10: off in Bilbao
We eat in the afternoon. At 18.00 we go to visit Bilbao with Felipe and Javi and visit the D.D.T. shop and the Kukutxa squat which was a huge 4 store factory. It’s a great coordinationpoint for the squats/Gaztetxe’s in Guipkuzkoa. About 10 people are living there. Later that evening we get some food and bring Felipe home.

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