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PCP Logo Nausea II

(1996 – 2005)

Meaning bandname: PCP is named after a drug (originally an anesthetic and tranquillizer but later very popular on the street)

History: In 1996, Maynard and Oene from FLEAS AND LICE decided to form another band after they came back from touring in the U.S and Canada. Annette (ex-VIKTORS HOFNARREN) came to sing and Rob (ex-CHRONICORE) was found for the bass. After a small German tour, the singer and bassplayer left, and were replaced by Pelle as bassplayer (NO I.D.) and Janick (FIERCE/AFTER THE BOMBS) from Canada as a singer. After a Skandinavian tour Janick moved back to Canada and is replaced by two new singers. Also the drummer got replaced and an extra guitarplayer got added. In April 2002 both Esther and Rommert leave the band. In May, 10 songs are recorded in the Kuschelrock Studio in Bremen. In January 2003 Leon becomes 2nd vocalist and in March 2004 a new CD appears called “Revelations” on the french label Musique Canard.

Lyrics: personal and political topics in particular about technology, power and vegetarism.

Description: hardcorepunk

Oene Brandsma (guitar 1996-2005) – Bloodcrust, Chronicore, Fleas And Lice (bass), Yphobia
Pelle Lodder (bass 1996-2005) – Fleas And Lice, No I.D.
Michael Bacteria (drums 1997-2005) – Puinhoop, Bloedbad, R.O.Conspiracy, Catweazle, Tuco Ramirez, Shikari, Makiladoras
Margriet Brandsma (vocals 1997-2005)
Leon (vocals 2003-2005) – Bullshit Science

Esther Groen (vocals 1997-2002) – Urinal Cakes
Rommert (2nd guitar 1997-2002) – No I.D., Yphobia, The Last Mile
Richard Wierenga (2nd guitar 2003) – Burn The Elite
Annette (vocals 1996) – Viktors Hofnarren (SWI), Fökdis
Maynard Schut (drums 1996-1997) – Buiten Adem, Catweazle (vocs), Dog Ugly, E.N.E., Kaïn, Fermented, Fleas And Lice, Mushroom Attack, Kelly Family, Golfclub
Rob (bass 1996) – Bloodcrust, Chronicore, Fökdis, Yphobia
Janick (vocals 1996-1997) – Fierce (Can), Hellbound (Can), After The Bombs (Can)

EP (aka “Deal The Darkness”EP) (4 songs – Resuscitate Records, NL, 1998)
“Life’s A War”EP (4 songs – Difusion Libertaria “La Idea”, Spain, 2000)
“My War” split EP w/B.S.E. (2 songs – U.P.S. Records, NL, 2001)
“Revelations”CD (Musique Canard, France 2004)
V/A – “UPS The Record”compilation EP (1 song * mispressed!* – Underground Punk Support, NL, 1999)
V/A – “Kamizole/Okara Benefit’compilation CD (1 song; Fight For Your Mind, France, 2000)
V/A – ”Maximaal Onthaal”compilation CD (1 song: Royal Blood, NL, 2001)

Homepage: PCP


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